• Mandarin orange cake aka southern pig pickin’ cake #SundaySupper
  • Lawn mower cake topper using Wilton Shape N Amaze dough @WiltonCakes
menu plan monday meal planning

Meal planning menu plan 7/28 #mealplanning

As I mentioned before we have a schedule of it being just me eating dinner by myself every other day and every other weekend while the boys go spend time with their Dad. My meal plans are for a family of three (myself and one 9 and one 6 year old boy) for some days and single meals for myself on the other days. It feels easier to just hit the drive … [Read More...]

mandarin orange cake

Mandarin orange cake aka southern pig pickin’ cake #SundaySupper

When someone who is allergic to the fruit you use to make a cake with and he takes an allergy pill and eats some of the cake anyways it must be good cake right? That's what happened when I would make a mandarin orange cake aka southern pig pickin' cake. When my husband lived at home and they had a party at work he would ask me to make a mandarin … [Read More...]

menu plan monday meal planning

Menu planning 5/19 #mealplanning

Eating alone 2 or 3 days a week kind of puts a damper on menu planning sometimes but I still do the weekly planning regardless. The days it's just me I usually eat leftovers or I grab something quick and simple. There are days when I'd like to just go and buy whatever or eat out a lot more than I do but I am then reminded "If you fail to plan, you … [Read More...]

nickelodeon inspired nicke-loaded cocktail drink recipe

Nickelodeon 90s shows inspired Nicke-loaded cocktail drink recipe

I grew up watching the 90's Nickelodeon shows and cartoons. You know the ones- Clarissa Explains It All, All That, Rugrats, Doug, Kenan & Kel, Rocko's Modern Life, The Ren & Stimpy Show, CatDog, Aahh! Real Monsters, Are You Afraid of the Dark. I'm sure I probably missed some other good ones but those are the ones I could think of right off. … [Read More...]


Lawn mower cake topper using Wilton Shape N Amaze dough @WiltonCakes

I was first introduced to Wilton Shape N Amaze dough last year when I was invited to the Wilton Blogher event. We were taught how to make Ollie the owl. My poor Ollie got harassed on the flight home by TSA. His eye and wing must've looked mighty suspicious because both were missing from his body and neither were in the box he was packed in. They … [Read More...]

brain cancer awareness cupcakes

Brain Cancer Awareness cupcakes and why my son loves Jenga

I told y'all in my very first post that every food has a story. This is the story of the grey colored icing cupcakes aka the brain cancer awareness cupcakes and why my son loves the game Jenga. My step dad "Leeboy" was a part of my life for 18 years. My mom and he dated for a very long time before they felt ready to get married. They both had … [Read More...]

fish cake topper

Welcome to Baking and Browning

Welcome to Baking and Browning! My name is Shanaka (pronounced Shonica or Shanukkah) and I'm the head baker here at B&B. After spending 6 years with my first blog (Mama Bee Does) I decided to bring my love of baking and cake decorating to a blog of its own so here we are. I am self taught in the kitchen, well self taught and taught by my Nana. … [Read More...]